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Winter is coming!!!

Yes you read it right. Winter is coming.

And we are not talking about Game of Thrones on DVD (though who buys DVD’s anymore?).
We are talking about the factual statement – winter is coming.
After so many months of inactivity, your boiler will be starting to stretch its legs in preparation for the cold months ahead.

And while Jon and the Northerners prepared for the attack of the White Walkers and the Long Night, you should really think about preparing for the long nights as well. With winter comes cold days and cold nights and your boiler, while currently maybe only being called into action for a small period of the night, when winter truly comes, your boiler will be called into action for numerous hours of the day.

So prepare for winter by having your boiler checked over.
Our JSL Heating team can be booked in for a time slot that suits you. We can inspect your boiler, bleed your radiators and check that there are no under lying problems with your boiler.

It is a lot more sensible to have your boiler checked over now than have it repaired during the winter.

We once had a customer (who shall remain nameless). They knew winter was coming and despite hearing some strange noises from their boiler, they did nothing about it. The noises got worse before the boiler gave up on him on Christmas Eve.

Their Christmas Day festivities had to be moved to his Sister in Laws home and what was supposed to be a delightful Christmas turned into a bit of a nightmare. While we are not suggesting that not having your boiler checked over will turn to a disaster – but it never hurts to walk on the cautious side of things.

Continuing to push the boundaries

We are always wanting to offer our customers more. More in quality service and more in what we CAN offer our customers.

Whether you have a broken boiler, a blocked pipe or a burst tap, at JSL, through our three divisions of Heating, Drainage and Plumbing we can offer you the best in all three directly from one phone call.

But we don’t want to sit still which is why one of our Gas Heating Engineers Ben is going back to school (kind of).
Ben will be attending a new level Gas Boiler Fault Finding Course run by Bosch, makers of Worcester boilers.

We are sending Ben on this course so that we can offer you more. It is actually part of a couple of ‘iron in the fire’ things that we are working on right now so that we can constantly bring our customers in Glasgow the very best in service.

Turning a loft into another room with working radiators

As one of Glasgow’s top boiler repair companies, you would think that all we do is drive around the city, repairing boilers that aren’t working and maybe the occasional radiator leak.

Oh how wrong you would be.  At JSL Heating we do everything and anything to do with your homes central heating. From laying gas pipes for a new boiler, replacing piping under the floor, replacing radiators, fittings radiators, boiler installs and of course boiler repairs.


So last week we were at a property in the South Side of Glasgow.  The home owners were turning their loft into a new bedroom.  They had had the builders round to build a new permanent staircase to the loft that met current building regulations and before the flooring went down, they need a heating company to come in and add new heating radiators and piping for the room.

So this had been planned for a while but as usual, we turned up when we said we would and got to work.  We had liased with the builders in advance so the site was prepared for our arrival.  It meant we could get straight to work adding in the piping which we connected to the existing heating system on the floor below.  The new piping run underneath the new staircase so it would be invisible to the naked eye.  We then ran the new piping through the room, installed the two new radiators they needed installed in the room, connected it all up and hey presto.


We drained the current heating system before filling it up again and running a test to ensure that the system pressure was running smoothly.  Everything looked a-okay and we were back on our way.


As with all work that JSL Heating do, the work we did was guaranteed.  Both the parts with their own guarantee as well as our workmanship.

It means that are customers can feel safe that if there were a problem, they don’t need to worry about calling us about it.  If a job hasn’t been done right, a job hasn’t been finished in our book.

It is that attitude and work ethic that has seen us grown from our humble beginnings in Bearsden to become on of the top heating companies in Glasgow.


So if you are looking to add more heat to your home or are extending your loft into an extra room then call in the professionals to deal with your homes heating system.

A plumbing problem that discovered a boiler problem

As you may or may not know, JSL Heating is part of JSL Glasgow and the two other division, JSL Drainage and JSL Plumbing.


We work together in perfect harmony and compliment each other in times when our customers need two services and can get them both from the same expert heating company.

So this week, our plumbing team at JSL Plumbing were on site replacing a bathroom sink and the taps that are fitted to it.

During a passing conversation with the home owner, they commented how cold they were the previous night.  While it may still be summer time, it was indeed a bit chilly the other night and across Glasgow, quite a few boilers would have sprung into action.

The fact that the customer mentioned this led the JSL team member to ask a few more enquiry questions before asking for permission to fire up the boiler to check that it was working.

It turned out that the boiler was in fact NOT working.


The cause was a faulty thermostat which didn’t prevent the boiler from producing hot water but was given it a misleading temperature so when it was supposed to be turning on at temperature X, it wasn’t.

Our plumber explained this to the customer, called the JSL Heating team to explain it and got a slot booked in for the customer to get the boiler fixed and serviced at the same time.


This issue highlights the level of service, values and friendly attitude that our team have.  They showed care and attention to the customers conversation, picked up on a potential issue before politely asking to investigate.


By finding the problem early, it has meant our customer can get the issue fixed well in advance of Winter time and know that when the cold weather truly rolls into Glasgow, that their boiler will be in tip top condition.


If you are concerned that your boiler is not working to its optimum, call on JSL Heating today to conduct a service and inspection.


We do not charge a call out fee, all of our work is guaranteed and you can book a time slot that works for you.

Accessing a boiler for repairs

Across Glasgow, there are quite a few varying styles of home.  From flats and apartments to Town Houses, bungalows, semi detached sandstone homes from the Victorian era and of course new build homes.


A lot of the older Victrorian era homes were never built with heating systems as standard so you will generally find the combi boiler is in a utility room of some description.  In bungalows, you will probably find that the boiler is ina cupboard in or next to the kitchen that doubles up as a storage/larder.  And in new build flats, it is most often found in the hall cupboard.


But this week we were carrying out boiler repairs where simply being able to access the boiler proved to be the biggest challenge.


The combi boiler was located in a strange corner cupboard in the utility room of a Victorian Sandstone house in the South Side of Glasgow.  The exhaust for the boiler ran across the ceiling to the furthest exterior wall (for reasons that we still can’t quite figure out).  And to top it all off, to simply get to the boiler we had to remove two sets of skis, a set of golf clubs, a few random large sections of wooden pole from a previous DIY job and some other ‘stuff’.


And once all of this was removed – simply so we could access the boiler.  We got to spend the next hour of our day in the dark with a head torch as the only light….while sitting on top of a ladder.


We reagard ourselves as one of the best boiler repair companies in Glasgow.  But sometime, it turns out that simply accessing the boiler to do the repair job is the hardest job of all.


If you need your boiler repaired, then call JSL Heating today.  Fast, reliable and fairly priced boiler repairs across Glasgow.

As schools get ready to go back – it’s time to think about Winter!!!

It may seem daft to say it but Summer is nearly over and Winter is coming!!!

I know – it doesn’t get old does it?

But seriously, as Schools get ready to go back across Glasgow after the summer holidays, we are now in the countdown to Christmas.  And you may think that is a bit premature but just remember, this is Glasgow and it it’s not sunny, its cold.  And when it is cold you need your boiler to work.


We keep on saying this to our heating customers.  You get your car serviced every year because you don’t want it breaking down but you don’t get your boiler serviced even though you require it more on a daily basis!  It’s madness.


Think of a gas boiler service as a bit of insurance.  Think about what would happen if you didn’t have a working boiler for three days in November.  You can’t run a bath, you can’t run a sink full of hot water to clean the dishes and you can’t sit there after a hard days work to re-watch Game of Thrones without wearing every jumper you own because you have no heating.


Simply put, rather than hope that your boiler won’t break down this Winter – book it in for a boiler service with JSL Heating.  We can check it over, make sure that everything is working tip top.  And before you worry about the cost of a boiler service, remember that a) it is an investment in your day to day lives, b) is cheaper than you think and c) can actually save you money on heating costs because if your boiler is running inefficiently, it may be costing you a lot more than it should do.


To book in JSL Heating for your gas boiler service and maintenance, call us today and book in a slot that fits your schedule.


10 Common Boiler Problems

A bit like owning a car or other complicated mechanical devices, sometimes, no matter how well serviced, how well maintained or how new a boiler is, the Boiler Gods can still strike down and inflict punishment on your home boiler heating system.


But what are the most common issues?  Well let us tell you.  Here are the top 10 most common issues that can cause a boiler to break.

1 – No heat or hot water.

The core reason for a boiler to exist is to give your house heat and hot water.  So if it is not doing it then it is failing at its main reason for existing.  Broken Diaphragms and airlocks, broken motorised valves, low water levels and issues with the thermostat are the most likely culprits.


2 – Leaking and Dripping.

From a corroded washer to a cracked pipe, there are quite a few reasons why a leak can appear.  In these circumstances, we need to find the leak to fix the problem.  Simple problem with a simple solution.


3 – Strange Noises

If you can hear a bang, a whistle or a gurgle from your boiler then it is not trying to replicate the sounds of your child, is simply air in the system.  It is a common issue with boilers.  If this is not the reason then it could be that the water pressure is too low or it is kettling.


4 – The Pilot Light goes out.

If the pilot light goes out then the most likely cause is that the thermocouple is broken.  It can even be that a strong draught is blowing the pilot light out or simply that a chemical deposit has built up around the pilot light which is making it difficult to work efficiently.


5 – Boiler Loosing Pressure.

One of two likely reasons.  Firstly it could be that there is a water leak in your boiler system.  Or it could be that the pressure release valve needs replacing.


6 – A Frozen Condensate Pipe.

Because of potential chemical build up, the thawing of a frozen condensate pipe should ideally be done by a boiler engineer.


7 – Faulty Thermostat.

If your boiler thermostat is not working properly then you may find that your boiler is turning on and off at the wrong temperatures.  Not only can this be costing you more money in heating bills but it is a key indicator that you need a new energy efficient thermostat.


8 – While we have spoken about gurgling noises already, if you hear a rumbling sound from your boiler, then you have what is known as kettling.  This is where limescale inscide the boilers heat exchange restricts water flow.  The water that is now moving more slowly turns to steam which is why it is called kettling.


9 – Radiators not heating up properly.

Corroded pipework can over time cause sludge to gather in your heating system.  This can prevent the free flowing movement of water getting to the boilers.  The longer it takes hot water to get to a boiler, the cooler it is going to be when it gets there.  And the more sludge that coats the inside of your radiator – the less heat that it can radiate.


10 – Boiler keeps shutting down on its own.

If your boiler is switching itself off then it could be either a problem with the thermostat, a low water pressure or because of a lack of water flow because of a closed valve.  When your boiler shuts down, it usually presents a flashing code that allows you to better identify the cause.


We hope our top ten problems with your boiler was helpful.


If you have any questions, give JSL Heating a call today.

Just because it is hot outside doesn’t mean you don’t need a boiler

Okay so that title is misleading.  If you are referring to heating your home – no you don’t really need your boiler right now because it has been so hot in Glasgow the last week that having your central heating on would be a bit daft.


No – what we mean is having your combi boiler working for a good old bath.


So many of you across Glasgow love to have a good old soak in the tub.  While a power shower may be a lot more practical and efficient for the hussle and busle of working life, if you have the time then having a bath is one of thee best ways to unwind after a hard days work.

It is a bit like a certain Chocolate Egg – how do you have yours?

Anyway, we digress.  If you love a bath then there is nothing worse than to find you have just run a tub full of ice cold water because your boiler has decided to shut down.


Luckily, your pain may only be temporary.  At JSL Heating, if you have a problem with your boiler, you can simply call us up and speak to one of our friendly call centre of team.  They can book you in for a time slot that works with your schedule and then one of our heating team can arrive at your Glasgow address (though we do work on boiler repairs outside of Glasgow), inspect the problem, quote a price for the repair work and only if you agree to it, begin to fix your broken boiler.


We are one of Glasgow’s leading independent heating and boiler repair companies.  We have built our business on recommendations and referrals and we always clean up any mess afterwards.

So if you have a broken boiler and you want a repair man who knows what they are doing, won’t over charge you and will guarantee all the work – then call JSL Heating in Glasgow today.


Passed 100 reviews on

Congratulations to us.  No its not our birthday but it is cause to celebrate.  We have exceeded 100 reviews on


And to point it out – this isn’t 100 average reviews.  This is 100 reviews that are as close to 5/5 as you like.  Since 2006, we have built our business at JSL Heating as a company with real values that we stick to.  You can read about our values here >>>


We offer a genuine quality service with trained and qualified heating gas engineers to fix your boiler problem and we do it again and again.  We turn up on time, we fix the problem (and guarantee our work) and we clean up after ourselves.  And there are not many heating companies who can say that.

Keeping cool with a lack of pressure

At this time of year, just as schools stop for the summer, you also find a lot of people without kids returning from holiday after taking advantage of cheaper holiday deals.

And that means that every year, we get a few calls from people with heating issues after their homes have sat empty for a couple of weeks.


So many people effectively turn their boilers off when they go on holiday – it makes sense.  Why would you want to heat your house when you are not in it.  But by turning of the boiler, your pressure can drop.  And a drop in pressure can trigger a boiler shut down when after two weeks of sitting idol, it suddenly gets called into action.


And that is exactly what happened to one of our customers in Kelvinside in the West End of Glasgow.  They returned home after a nice holiday, threw their holiday clothes in the wash and went to have a relaxing bath.  But the cold water kept running with no sign of hot water.  Normally in a combi boiler, the hot water begins to run through after a 10-20 second gap.  But here, the cold water kept flowing.

The home owner checked the boiler and was greeted with some red flashing lights and a code number.  Now you would be amazed how many customers, after getting a new boiler installed simply throw the manual away.  So they had no idea what the problem was and they had no way to check.  So the did the next best thing and called JSL Heating.


One of our gas boiler engineers was at their door at the agreed upon time, checked through the system, diagnosed the problem and fixed it.  It just required a top up of pressure in the system but while we were there, we conducted a check of the system to make sure everything was running smoothly.


If you ever have a problem with your boiler and don’t know what to do, simply call the friendly, professional and skilled heating experts JSL Heating.


We do not charge a call out fee, we agree a price on all our work before we begin and all of our work is guaranteed.

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