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Boiler keeps loosing pressure


Are you constantly having to top up the boiler pressure to get the boiler to work? Are the radiators not heating up to the toasty hot temperature that you are looking for? Chances are you have a leak in the pipework or a radiator on the central system.

Your boiler is losing pressure which allows air to get into the system. Your radiators are then not full of heated water but a mixture of water and air. That means that they do not heat up as efficiently as they should. The easy fix to this is to bleed the radiators which will allow the air in the system to escape. However if you find a lot of air in the system, you may have a problem that needs a professional to have a look at it.

Here are a few of the top reasons that a boiler will loose pressure.

Leaking and Dripping

From a corroded washer to a cracked pipe, there are quite a few reasons why a leak can appear. In these circumstances, we need to find the leak to fix the problem. Simple problem with a simple solution.

Strange Noises

If you can hear a bang, a whistle or a gurgle from your boiler then it is not trying to replicate the sounds of your child, is simply air in the system. It is a common issue with boilers. If this is not the reason then it could be that the water pressure is too low or it is kettling.

Boiler Loosing Pressure

One of two likely reasons. Firstly it could be that there is a water leak in your boiler system. Or it could be that the pressure release valve needs replacing.

Boiler keeps shutting down on its own

If your boiler is switching itself off then it could be either a problem with the thermostat, a low water pressure or because of a lack of water flow because of a closed valve. When your boiler shuts down, it usually presents a flashing code that allows you to better identify the cause.

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